Legacy Of Benito Mussolini  

Benito Mussolini was the dictator of Italy and left a tremendous mark on the upcoming generation, Italy and Europe. His life started very simple as a son of a blacksmith and has undergone the days of poverty. Though he led a simple and struggling life initially, by his braveness and efforts, he could be transformed to play a role of teacher, soldier, journalist, politician, dictator and philosopher. He had the vision of changing the country into a flourishing nation. He brought the enormous change in the economy of the country.


Mussolini envisioned that the development of an effective conveyance is very much necessary to bring out a prosperous nation. So he brought an excellent transportation system on land, air and water that helped to fetch a good economic rate of the country. The efforts he took to bring up the country were so great that there was a significant progress in the growth of the economy of Italy. He introduced the religious studies into the educational system. Mussolini brought many social and political remedies and became an absolute ruler.

He founded the National Fascist Party, which was considered as the strongest fascist party. Though he made a good progress in bringing up the economy of the country, there were some of the measures taken were so abrupt that made people feel bitter about his ruling over Italy. He was killed unlawfully and his body was hung upside down and mutilated. It took 12 years for his wife to bury his body in their family crypt.

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Legacy Of Benito Mussolini


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World War II:

What Happened To Mussolini During The Final Days Of The War ?      Italy was led by Mussolini in 1940 during the Second World War. He professed war on the UK and France to add more territories to the Harmony Treaty. Three years later, he was imprisoned at Grand Council of Fascism provoked by Allied powers but was rescued during Gran Sasso invasion by the German Special Forces. Mussolini then commanded Italian Social Republic, but in 1945 he escaped to Switzerland for fear of defeat to be recaptured and executed by Italian partisans around Lake Como. More..




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