Why Did The Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor ?  

Pearl Harbor located in Hawaii was attacked by Japan on 7th December 1941. This attack was one of the worse in US military history and was extremely significant. However, many wonder what prompted the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. The 6 aircraft carriers in 2 aerial attacks launched three hundred and fifty three aircraft. 

The air attack was led by Commander Mitsuo Fuchida. Japan wanted to enter into Malaya and Dutch East Indies for procuring raw materials, like rubber or oil. To achieve this goal, it was necessary for the Japanese to neutralize American fleet stationed in the Pacific region. The Japanese forces achieved this by attacking Pearl Harbor, but this attack made the Americans actively participate in the Second World War.

After Japan’s invasion of China, all western countries controlled by the US forced sanctions against Japan. This hindered the military operations of Japan and so they tried to enter into certain political negotiations with the US to overcome the bottleneck. During this period they launched an unwarned attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor.

Most of Japanese fleet sailed over four thousand miles to come to the base from where aircraft carriers would launch the planes in Hawaii. The planes reached will in time just a little before 8 a.m. on the 7th of December. Soon after 5 out of 8 battleships of the US were sunk while the remaining damaged. USS Arizona was one of the most noteworthy casualties, with numerous other ships and most combat planes being also damaged or sunk. Around 2,388 Americans lost their lives. Fortunately, the headquarters, shipyard, fuel storage and maintenance remained safe and without any damage.

For the first five months after the Pearl Harbor attack, Japan's far-reaching attacks continued undisturbed by the United States or the significant opposition. It was early in June that the Battle of Midway in 1942 when the American replied and reduced the striking powers of Japan.

There are several reasons for Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. Export of steel, scrap iron and even oil was banned by President Roosevelt to Japan after they invaded China. Losing over ninety percent of the oil supply, Japan’s military and economy was crippled. On the other hand United States was putting pressure on Japan for withdrawal from Indo-China. They also opposed expansion of the Japanese empire and no negotiations with U.S. were working. As a matter of fact Japan had started believing that all western powers were unfriendly and hostile towards them. Therefore, The Japanese were left with very little choice – to surrender or to pick up war against the United States. The Japanese did not want the US to participate in the war, and as the American naval force was the greatest at that time, attacking the US without warning would weaken, demoralize and discourage the Americans from joining the war.

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