Effects Of The Age Of Enlightenment  

The Age of Enlightenment started in the Western Europe and began to spread worldwide, during this time, people began to wonder about and question many of the things they previously took for granted. These things included their faith, their religion and the surroundings that they lived in. This enlightenment revolution started from the late seventeenth century, particularly from France when people began to put rational thinking into the various things around them.

The first effect of the Age of Enlightenment was a general rebel against the teachings of the Church. Earlier, the Church used to profess that God was the absolute power and the reason behind every occurring. People used to believe in miracles. But with the age in discussion, all that were being questioned. People deduced that there was scientific logic and reasons behind every happening around the world and not simply God’s wish. Thus everybody began to stop believing the Church blindly and put their own reasoning behind everything. For this, that period is also called the Age of Reason.

The most apparent effect that followed the Age of Enlightenment was the development of new ideas in every field. Everybody also began to be intolerant to all the dictations made by their earlier faith. Economically, the Industrial Revolution happened, changing the very face of the then society in Europe as it gave rise to a new group of independent, wealthy and educated class of men.

A whole new political scene emerged with the formation of nations and state, lead by independent kings and parliaments. Earlier the Church was the supreme power, but after the enlightenment, it began to lose its position. All these paved way to the social and political scene that we know today.

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Effects Of The Age Of Enlightenment




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History-Of-The-Age-Of-Enlightenment      The Age of Enlightenment occurred in the western part of Europe, centering in and around France in the later half of the 16th century. This age is a benchmark in the history because of the drastic changes it brought to the society and also in people’s minds. These changes were so important that they are relevant even in the present day. The people during this period began to reason and question everything related to their existence and began to break free from the dictations of the Church which was the supreme power at that time. This brought in changes in the social, political as well as the economical scene of the then period. More..




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