History Of The Age Of Enlightenment  

The Age of Enlightenment occurred in the western part of Europe, centering in and around France in the later half of the 16th century. This age is a benchmark in the history because of the drastic changes it brought to the society and also in people’s minds. These changes were so important that they are relevant even in the present day. The people during this period began to reason and question everything related to their existence and began to break free from the dictations of the Church which was the supreme power at that time. This brought in changes in the social, political as well as the economical scene of the then period.

The root of this movement can be traced back to the growing dissatisfaction of the people towards the dictatorship of the Church then. Before the Enlightenment, nobody was allowed to question, judge or comment about any decision taken by the Church. They were compelled to believe whatever the Church wanted them to which added to the many grudges of the people.

No invention or discovery was allowed to be made public without the approval of the Church before the period in review. In fact, the Church discouraged any sort of research and development by the people and wanted all to believe blindly in their versions of the Bible. No independent endeavors were allowed or encouraged. If somebody was caught doing so, he was declared a sinner and was shunned by the Church from the society. Thus people wanted to break free from this stagnancy and began to rebel, giving rise to the Age of Enlightenment. The Enlightenment is very important phase in the world history without which the world that we know today would not have being like it is.

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History Of The Age Of Enlightenment




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