Bronze Age Artifacts  

Bronze Age is the name assigned to the period when metal, especially bronze, began to be used for the first time. This period is believed to be the second phase of the pre historic society’s three-age system. During this era, metalworking, particularly with bronze took an advanced level and thus produced some fine artifacts which artisans today, even with their most modern of the machinery could not dream of making.

The origin of the Bronze Age is still open for questioning as various artifacts belonging to that era have been unearthed all over the world, ranging from parts of Western Europe to the Far East countries like China and Korea. These artifacts include weapons, like daggers and machinery made up of bronze. These apart, utensils, ornaments like rings and necklaces, pots and vases, miniatures of animals such as horses and tigers and human beings were also unearthed. Further, musical instruments like flutes and trumpets were also discovered from the remains of the sites that belonged to the Bronze Age once. Also the use of alloys was known to the people of that era as tin alloy of bronze was also seen in many of the artifacts. Also, arsenic being a component of naturally occurring bronze was also found to be present in many of the artifacts.

The Bronze Age artifacts reflect fine craftsmanship of the then artisans and also prove that mining of bronze and trading its artifacts with the other countries were the main occupations of that time. Bronze Age artifacts are still being discovered from various excavation sites all around the world.

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Bronze Age Artifacts




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