History Of The Bronze Age  

Bronze Age, as the name suggests, is the period in history when the use of bronze metal gained importance. In this period, bronze mining and trading of the things made out of it with the other countries were the primary jobs of the people there. The birth place and the time of the Bronze Age are yet to be known but there are many theories and opinions regarding this. This confusion dealing with the origin of the period is because the Bronze age remains are found in various places, far apart from each other, and all seem to indicate that they are contemporaries.

Many believe that Bronze Age started as early as during the middle of 4th millennium BC, independently with the Maykop culture of the North Caucus. Some others differ in opinion, thinking they come from the third millennium BC. However, arsenic bronze found in the Maykop remains indicate that they might be the oldest bronze makers. This is because arsenic is a substance that occurs in bronze found naturally. The bronze and the artifacts made out of it found from the remains of other cultures show absence of the substance. This indicates that more sophisticated methods must have been applied during bronze mining to eliminate the unwanted substance, making the Maykop finds more primitive.

However, in general, Bronze Age is believed to be originated from 3300 BC and lasted till 1200 BC. On this basis, the era is categorized into three ages, namely, Early Bronze Age, spanning from 3300 BC to 2200 BC, Middle Bronze Age, from 2200 BC TO 1550 BC, and the Late Bronze Age, ending in 1200 BC.

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History Of The Bronze Age




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