Dark Age Creations  

The concept of Dark Ages is not a thinking of modern nineteenth century. The Dark Age creations were unique of their times then the previous era. The Dark Ages saw creations of weapon and armors for the soldiers fighting for their land. Many of the inventions were developed to conquer the enemies morale and for protection of their own warriors.

Weapons like arrows, spears, axes and swords were made for the foot army to penetrate the enemy’s belly and protective equipments like the Jack Chains were typically used in that period to protect the foot soldiers. Foot soldiers at that time were not equipped with protective plate armors as the other ranks used to. But, they were supported with padded arming jacket for protection of the upper body.

These jackets were effective for the upper body excluding the arms which were vulnerable to sword attacks. This lead to the development of Jack chains which were used to protect the arms from attacks of swords. Jack chains were designed to cover the arm and were made of steel strips joined together from shoulder to wrist covering the whole arm. These jack chains starting from the sleeves of the jacket, covering the elbow with a dish plate till the wrist provided full cover for the arms. Recent studies have proven that these chains developed in the Dark Age provided eighty percent of protection to the arms from injury.

The Dark Ages is not only known for developments in weapons and armories but also in the field of art and literature. A very famous writer and poet Petrarch is still remembered for brilliant writing. Petrarch dedicated some passionate verses for a woman named Laura. The woman really existed or not is another issue but the verses describe that she refused his love and died in 1348 during the Black Death. One more sensational writer in the fourteenth century was Aristotle.     

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Dark Age Creations




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