Dark Age History  

The Dark Age name given by the scholars is due to the fall of the great Roman Empire in Europe. The Roman Empire was rich in culture and heritage during this period which was destroyed by Vandals, Barbarian Goths and Huns that brushed away the Europe from east and north. These people destroyed excellent architectures and monuments which were a sign of great Roman Empire.

The scholars in the Roman Empire had excellent knowledge in medicines and other fields which thereafter remained with monasteries because there were hardly any schools at that time. Many things were destroyed including the arts and crafts in the Dark Ages. Roman Empire lost its existence as well as the art and culture that existed; this is why the period is called as the Dark Ages.

The Roman Empire was not taken over completely by the barbarians, the art and literature flourished in the eastern part of the Roman Empire. People in that period continued working on art and literature works. The artistic work continued in almost all parts of the world. The artistic work slowly came out of artistic darkness in the 1000s throughout the Europe. The artists recovered the lost knowledge of primeval Romans and Greeks. Several changes took place in the Dark Ages that were related to education and politics. Countries and regions were divided at that period. Controls were provided to feudal lords and leaders making the Kings less powerful. In Germany, most of the people were not loyal to the country, but were loyal to the tribe they belonged to. Every tribe had its own rules and regulations. Germans did not have written literature but they used runes for monuments. The churches in that period were visionary that maintained and preserved ancient and biblical writings. Peace and unity in Europe was established by Christian churches. They had centralized hierarchical working patterns that helped to unify people.

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Dark Age History




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Dark-Age-Punishment      The punishments given to the culprits in the Dark Ages were severe and rough. The punishments that were given in the Dark Ages include physical punishments, life imprisonments and public floggings. Believes and perceptions in the Dark Ages were different during this period, people think the crime committed in the society are due to supernatural influence, people are possessed by evil spirits or occupied by devils that is making them to do such offenses. More..




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