Dark Age Punishment  

The punishments given to the culprits in the Dark Ages were severe and rough. The punishments that were given in the Dark Ages include physical punishments, life imprisonments and public floggings. Believes and perceptions in the Dark Ages were different during this period, people think the crime committed in the society are due to supernatural influence, people are possessed by evil spirits or occupied by devils that is making them to do such offenses.

It was believed that the removal of evil from an individual could be removed by putting the person through pain. Soon the French people, especially the French upper classes, promoted measures to prevent crime when the local people from the local classes came to them for the kind of cruelty that were made on these lower classes because they were poor. This French philosophy of treating culprits can be still seen in the American justice system where the offenders were treated brutally in the early years of punishment and prison in America.

As the societies progressed, the laws for these kinds of offenders became more humane in the Dark Ages as the people understood the treatment and conditions of those who were sentenced. Though, the Middle Ages torture and punishments were very severe and inhumane for many crimes that were offended. The methods of torture were very inhumane during the middles ages such as boiling, beating with sticks, ripping out teeth or nails, blinding, burning, bone breaking, cutting, castration, choking, dislocation, disfigurement, drowning, flaying, genital damage, flagellation, starvation, cutting of tongue and keeping the criminal in dark chambers were some of the practices for torture in middle ages. The instruments and devices used for torturing an individual were discovered with ease and as the crimes were in progress the discoveries of these kinds of special treatments also increased. The equipments used for torture were collar, branding irons, collar, cloak, foot press, screw and many more.  

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Dark Age Punishment




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