Education In The Industrial Age  

The industrial age was full of inventions and advancements in the fields of science & mathematics. Many inventions and inventors took birth in the historic 18th century that caused developments and foundations for the upcoming generation.

Prominent progress can be noticed in the fields of mathematics, physics and astronomy, whereas chemistry was not behind in progress and finally the biological evolution also took place in 1859 when Darwin proposed his Origin of Species. The most of number of scientific experiments and research can be seen in the field of mechanical inventions and applied sciences, which has some outstanding results. Studies have revealed that the invention and development of man labor saving machines was started by the great King George II especially, for the labors that were employed in the woolen and cotton industries.

The inventions to save man labor spread like a wildfire in the middle and north of England that gave rise to many inventions for industrial development. Great engineers of their times like Stephenson, Watt, Rennie and Boulton contributed more on these inventions. These inventions were used to support the work of labors for precise outputs, also to increase ability to transport goods. Overall all these inventions were marked as a good sign for industrial expansion, which contributed greatly in commercial activity and hence termed as “revolution”. With all of these activities, there were condemns and disregards for knowledge and modern studies by some of the critics in the society.

As time went on, people of broader thoughts and order came up in civilized society, population augmented, city population rose in northern England and midlands that altered the face of industrial operations and education. As industrialization increased, wealth and poverty also increased. The children of wealthy people were educated properly but the children of poor people were not able to receive proper education. Educational provisions progressed in the society and educational provision for children of lower classes started in charity, Sunday schools and parish schools but was insufficient. This type of education was not acceptable to parents of these children and that lead to an increase in the child labor. This problem was overcome by introducing numerous schools throughout the country.

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Education In The Industrial Age




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