Life In The Industrial Age  

It is considered that the Industrial Revolution caused big transformations in people’s way of living life. People in Great Britain were aware that they are in the middle of an upcoming social and economic revolution that will take place across the nation. The privileges that were enjoyed by the upper class and nobles previously were going to be same for everyone like the political and educational privileges.

People, especially from the working class, who were displaced by machines found new opportunities of work and some people found opportunities to work on machines. The workers were still living in unsympathetic conditions in the gradually flourishing industrial cities. A few company or factory owners maintained close relationships with their workers and laborers, and also felt responsible for them. However, as the Industrial Revolution progressed, this factor slowed down and it was difficult for the large factories owners to maintain such relationships. Many industrialists offered jobs to many of the workers but failed to maintain relationship personally.

The working days were usually long in that period accounting to about twelve to fourteen hours in a day and 6 days a week excluding Sundays. Sunday being the rest day for all and also there were no overtime paid in that period. The kind of work was monotonous and the machines used at that time made workers to act fast and in continuation without resting. The owners of big factories and companies never paid more to the lower classes; the wages were very low and were done deliberately. The children and the women working in factories were paid very less almost one fourth of the wage that was paid to men labor. Children were paid less and were asked to work for more than ten hours that could go up to fourteen hours in a day. The living condition of this class was pathetic and they lived in extremely unhygienic conditions. Most of them were infected by epidemic diseases and majority of them were unable to read and write.

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Life In The Industrial Age




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When-Was-The-Industrial-Age      Industrial Revolution is a very important part of the world history that brought several changes to the lives of millions of people. Apart from changing their lives, it also changed the work of various people throughout the world. Development of the industrialization was what brought all such changes. Industrial Revolution is the period that witnessed all these developments. The period started from the 1700s and continued till the early 1800s. More..




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