When Was The Industrial Age ?  

Industrial Revolution is a very important part of the world history that brought several changes to the lives of millions of people. Apart from changing their lives, it also changed the work of various people throughout the world. Development of the industrialization was what brought all such changes. Industrial Revolution is the period that witnessed all these developments. The period started from the 1700s and continued till the early 1800s.

Industrial Revolution is known to start in the Great Britain in the 1700s. Then slowly and steadily, it began spreading to various other regions of Europe as well as the North America during the early 1800s. By the mid 1800s, these developments in terms of industrialization had reached up to the Western Europe as well as the northeastern part of the United States. As far as the changes that this period brought about in all these places included the enormous rise in the production of various goods. Some of this increase in such production was a result of the developed factory organizations as well as the power driven machineries that had begun to be used by people.

Industrial Revolution proved extremely beneficial to both; the industry owners as well as the workers. It facilitated the use of various machines for the work that was earlier done manually. It also took the production from home to industries and workshops. Production as well as the entire productivity experienced a great increase which helped the industry owners gain huge amounts of profits along with generating great employment opportunities that was beneficial for the working class.

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When Was The Industrial Age ?




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