Definition Of The Information Age  

There is no such definition of Information Age, it mainly referred to the computer age which is basically the idea of using information in a more effective manner as compared to the pervious times. Today’s age is known as the information or computer age where people have access to information from almost every part of the world. This all has happened due to computers as they are the most important link of the whole process and that is why this age is known as the computer age.

The whole idea of information age is linked to the Digital Revolution which refers to the shift from the traditional industry to an economy based industry which happened just because of the Industrial Revolution. Internet is amongst the most important parts of the Information Age and seems to be the most essential link that if missed can affect the whole chain of information. Though internet has been existent for a very long time but it was actually the beginning of the World Wide Web that made all this happen at such a rapid rate.

This made internet the ultimate platform towards acceleration of the overall flow of the information and is thus the fastest as well as the most growing form of media.

Information age depends on several factors that collectively make things happen in the right place. These include the computers, the fiber optics, computerized machinery, internet, communication satellites and various other related things. Information age is also used in reference to wide use of the digital music, cell phones, cable television, digital camera and other similar gadgets.

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Definition Of The Information Age




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Ethics-For-Information-Age      Present age is known as the Information Age because of the fact that any form of information from any part of the world can be accessed very easily. There are certain very important things such as internet that have shaped the whole information system, which is the most essential part of this age known as the Information Age. Such an environment has brought various benefits not only to the individuals but also to the whole society. But then the question regarding the ethics for information age arises every now and then. More..




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