Information Age And Information Society  

Information society refers to a society where the creation, diffusion, use, distribution, integration as well as the manipulation of the information is significantly a political, economical, social as well as cultural activity. It is the area where the wealth is solely created by exploiting the understanding which points towards the positive manipulation of the information.

Information age and information society are closely interlinked as the former leads to the latter. Information age is the time period that the information society belongs to. Information society is thought to be the succeeding part of the industrial society. Information society refers to an environment where the information technologies as well as the communication influence the lives of most of the members of this society on daily basis. In any information society, information is the most powerful resource and it is comparable to areas such as agriculture and industries as these two were highly popular in the previous times and almost dominated the society while today, information has largely replaced such areas.

It is, thus, a society that is characterized by high levels of information as well as intensity in everyday lives of the people, workplaces and organizations. It includes various sections such as personal, professional, social, business as well as educational activities. This all happens due to the capacity to transmit, exchange, and receive the digital data quite quickly irrespective of the distances between. Information Age is the time where the information society has taken a larger spectrum and has thus lead to developments in almost all spheres of life.

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Information Age And Information Society




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Definition-Of-The-Information-Age      There is no such definition of Information Age, it mainly referred to the computer age which is basically the idea of using information in a more effective manner as compared to the pervious times. Today’s age is known as the information or computer age where people have access to information from almost every part of the world. This all has happened due to computers as they are the most important link of the whole process and that is why this age is known as the computer age. More..




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