Iron Age In Europe  

As far as Iron Age in Europe is concerned, it began during the late years of the eleventh century BC. It probably started of from the Caucasus, after which it slowly started spreading westwards as well as northwards in the next 500 years. In Eastern Europe, this age started around the first millennium BC, whereas in the Caucasus and the Pontic steppe regions, it is considered to begin with Novocherkassk, Koban and Chernogorovka cultures from 900 BC.

Around 800 BC, the Iron Age had already spread to Hallstatt C which was actually due to the migration of the ‘Thraco-Cimmerian’. It then started spreading towards the west from 6th century BC that started of with the Celtic expansion.

Iron Age reached Poland around the sixth century. The ethnic text and art that have been found out of the various Iron Age cultures have been contested bitterly in light of the fact that various different roots of Slavic, Germanic and Baltic peoples have also been sought in such areas. Iron Age is known to be subdivided into the early Iron Age related to the Hallstatt culture well as the late Iron Age associated to the La Tène culture. Iron Age is thought to end when the Roman invasion took place.

As far as Northern Europe is concerned, Iron Age was classified into two stages which included the Pre-Roman Iron Age as well as the Roman Iron Age. This is what can be concluded regarding the Iron Age in Europe and this is how it spread to various parts of Europe.

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Iron Age In Europe




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