Castles Of The Middle Ages  

Castles of the Middle Ages are known to be built by taking care of the possibilities of both the things that included defense as well as attack. This was why most of the weapons used in wars were basically developed and stored in castles at times. Middle Ages are known for marking the beginning of such castles not just in England, but also in various other parts of the world such as Germany, Spain and several other European countries.

Europe is still known for the castles that were constructed in the medieval period by the various lords and kings in order to protect themselves as well as their countries against crusaders and invaders. The architecture of all these castles experienced several changes during the Middle Ages. There were several factors that had influenced the architecture of all these castles. As far as England is concerned, there were castles that were around 1000 years old. Most of the castles remained constricted to Middle Ages itself and could not get popularity any further.

Castles were being created during the ‘Middle Ages’ where the basic reason included the speculation of wealth as well as the nobility of the country. There were various different kinds of castles built in different regions of the world. Not only the French, English, and Germans but various other European countries, Middle Eastern and North African countries too built their own castles. These were basically built in order to defend against the enemies during this time period known as the Middle Ages.

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Castles Of The Middle Ages




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