Crime And Punishment In The Middle Ages  

Crime rates may vary as per the various eras of history but the fact can not be ignored that it has existed for sure in every single period though the exploitation could have been variable. Middle Ages were an era that had really high exploitation quotient.

There were the lords and knights who used to exploit the peasants and other financially unstable sections of society in order to reap benefits of their hard work. This era is known as a cruel tie period and there was inconsiderate exploitation prevailing in the society. This was one major reason behind all the rebellions and struggles that people went for. There were several kinds of crime but the most popular and commonly observed crime included exploitation by the superior class or section of the society. Some other crimes during this period included vagrancy and witchcraft.

As far as the punishments given during this time period are concerned, there are various different kinds of punishment that were declared to the people committing such crimes. These punishments were basically intended to prevent an unequal and abusive reign. The criminals were always punished by the lords, kings, knights, sheriffs as well as by the church. It was the responsibility of the local police that they confined the criminals to some area until and unless they were called for a trial or till the time they were sentenced. Punishments during the Middle Ages included fines, death, subjection to various kinds of torture and public humiliation but the declaration of such punishments to any person depended on the social status of the criminal.

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Crime And Punishment In The Middle Ages




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