Fashion In The Middle Ages  

Fashion is something that never remains constant and experiences change every other day. All eras and time periods in the history have had their won kinds of fashion being followed by the people. As far as the middle ages are concerned, fashion in the Middle Ages too experienced a completely different fashion as compared to the modern times.

Middle ages which are also called as the Medieval Period happened to start from fifth century and continued till the starting of Early Modern period in the sixteenth century. Fashion during this time period was basically dominated by various kinds of status that an individual belonged to. The rich people were seen dressed highly fashionable. The royal people used to go for some of the most luxurious fabrics such as silk. One of the most important as well as the interesting facts about this age included the Sumptuary Laws which were actually passed at the same time. Kings and queens belonging to this period are known to wear very bright colored silks. They also had some special tailors who used to design their clothes exclusively.

On the other hand, fashion for the common man at that time was restricted to wool or linen. Men used to go for tunics which used to be till their knees whereas the women were attired as per their social status. During the beginning of this age, the women were more into dresses that had covered neck with long and pleated sleeves. Fashion became more extravagant when the precious stones such as gold and silver too came to be used in these costumes of highly rich people. As a whole it can be said that at that time, fashion was determined by the social status of the people.

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Fashion In The Middle Ages




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