Historical Timeline Of The Middle Ages  

Historical timeline of the ‘Middle Ages’ includes the basic events that happened during this period in a well defined manner. This would serve as a detailed structure defining the entire journey of the ‘Middle Ages’. The overall timeline of this period is from 1066 till 1485.

Middle Ages is known as one of the most bloodthirsty and at the same time, the most exciting periods in the European and English history that have occurred till date. The timeline would help people understand some of the most significant events taking place in the lives of people belonging to the period which included riyal families as well. This timeline is considered to begin from 1066 with an outburst of the Battle of Hastings as well as the Norman Conquest which ended up around 1485 with King Richard’s death during the Battle of Bosworth Field.

This detailed timeline would be beneficial in terms of gaining the complete information about all sorts of changes brought about this time period. It covers all the regions as well which may start from any part and continuing till any such other part. It also features all the reigns of the Kings of England till the Plantagenet's culmination into the events that surrounded the ‘Wars of The Roses’. Some of the essential facts regarding the most popular people from this period such as Martin Luther, Geoffrey Chaucer, Marco Polo and various others too have been mentioned under the same. The whole timeline has been divided into various stages of ‘The Middle Ages’.

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Historical Timeline Of The Middle Ages




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