Knights In Middle Ages  

There were 3 categories of fighting men that existed in the Middle Ages mostly the Foot Soldiers, Archers and Knights. It is compared with the modern day tanks that could penetrate the convoy of foot soldiers. The knights in that age were used to be covered with armors from head to feet comprising of multiple layers to protect them from enemy weapons.

The knights in that age were sturdy, tall and fast who alone can fight several soldiers of the enemy army. Soldiers or archers alone or in numbers never dare to stand up in front of single knight. Among the three categories knights were the wealthiest and highly paid warriors during the Middle Ages. It was difficult for some kingdoms to afford a knight because they were too expensive.

Not only the knights were expensive but the war horse, weapons, shields and armor were also expensive. The war horse of a knight during that period was equivalent to modern day’s small airplane. The recruitment of knights was a part of Feudal agreement and they were awarded piece of land on resuming the military services by their lord. Many potential knights used to pay what they called as “Shield Money” to their lords for not joining in the King’s army. These types of knights never fought for the King’s army, were not paid at all but were allowed to vandalize cities, villages and steal valuables & goods.

Anyone among the citizens during that period could not become a knight; in fact there were not many ways to attain this position. Only descendants of knights or aristocrats were allowed to become knights. Boys in the early ages, starting from the age of 8 years were trained to become as knights. Most of their lives were spent in strengthening their body, horse riding, sword and spear fighting training, and wrestling. They were given training against wooden dummies in form of humans. Apart from this, the knights were also taught how to read and write, thus making highly literate and sought after.     

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Knights In Middle Ages




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