Life And Times During The Middle Ages  

The European life was completely changed in the year 476 when the Roman Emperor was dethroned by the Barbarian attackers from the North. The Roman land very soon got divided into several tiny kingdoms. The European life was completely changed as more attacks were made by the Goths, Moors, Vikings and the fights between bordering kingdoms entirely distorted the nature in Europe.

The Middle Ages is often referred as the Medieval Times and Dark Ages which existed for duration of more than 1000 years. The life in middle ages started progressing slowly with civilization and science on the forefront, whereas science was looked upon as heterodoxy. Communication in that period was not on regular basis among and inside countries because it was tedious and most of the communication was done viva-voce. Powerful or influential people owe the writing rights at that time, hardly there were any books available, Arts and literature was about to vanish as the wonders of the Roman Empire degraded slowly with time.

The European societies got divided after the fall of Roman Empire in the Medieval Period. These societies are somewhat similar to the one that we have today. It is sometimes difficult for the researchers to study about the daily life in middle ages. Most of the study reveals only heroic acts of knights, connections established between the monarchs and common people and the discoveries made during that period.

The life of a common man in the dark ages revolves around an agricultural schedule. It is found that majority of the time was spent plowing the lands for producing enough food to survive till the next year. There were some social gatherings and events that took place in that period for the labors and peasants so they could take some rest. Festivals and social activities were given importance in medieval period and everyone was expected to attend. The fairs held during that period saw street performers, troubadours, games, merchants selling goods on streets and the most special event, the fights between Knights from local and out of the country. These were the ideal way to spent leisure time for medieval peasants.

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Life And Times During The Middle Ages




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