Peasants In The Middle Ages  

Peasants in the Middle Ages strived hard to earn their bread and butter. They were completely dependent on agriculture for their survival. They were aware of the natural and man-made disasters so they developed a tendency to collect food for the consequent year. Peasants in the Middle Ages worked hard day and night, for long hours, in rain or hot summer to accumulate enough amount of food for their families.

The peasants also played other roles rather than farmers such as the blacksmiths, millers and tavern owners. Overall the peasants in the middles ages were the backbone of the society. A few of them had land of their own and few of them were provided leased land by wealthy land lords. The farmers worked hard day and night to produce food, provided food and paid taxes. Farmers had leisure time too by taking rests on Sundays. They celebrated marriages, births and feasts on holidays as well as attended church and Sabbath day.

Peasants normally resided in undersized towns or nearby the landlord’s mansion. The average peasants in Middle Ages lived in cottages constructed using stone, mud, wood and thatch to cover the roof. There were little or no furniture in their houses. They had dirt floors in their houses, few furnishings such as table, stool or may be a trunk to keep clothes. Most of the peasants houses contained grains and other agricultural products stored in rooms. The beds used by these peasants were generally made up of sacks of straw. A few peasants in the wealthy category owned wooden beds and iron pots. Kitchen used to be separate or common with the bedroom in most of the houses. Windows and doors were not common in all houses. In name of windows, there were only slits without glasses and doors were made of wood. Only a few of the peasants were able to use gates made up of iron or any other material.

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Peasants In The Middle Ages




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