What Did People Eat In The Middle Ages ?  

The major sources of food in the Middle Ages were agricultural fields, gardens and adjoining territories. Livestock was another source of food, cattle and sheep were the main sources used in northern Europe, whereas, in southern Europe fruits, vegetables and herbs were commonly used. Butter was not used in this period in fact people used Olive Oil.

In the Middle Ages, the lower classes were not able to eat enough food. Even some of the people died with malnourishment because of unavailability of food. The aristocrats, wealthy families were able to have enough quantity of food with good quality than the lower classes. The nobles and royals had food in golden and silver dishes, but the lower classes like the peasants and other working classes in the middle age consumed food in woodenwares. Food was expensive during this age as the food was abundantly available, but required wealth to purchase.

People in the Middle Ages ate grains like rye, barley, wheat and oats that were supposed to be present in main course meals. Bread was an important diet in the main course meal during the middle ages. Vegetables, fruits and herbs were also used by medieval people in their diet that were mostly grown in manor house, small gardens or in home of the villagers. A wide variety of vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, turnips, cabbage, onions, carrots, broccoli, celery, beans and many other vegetables were grown in gardens during this period. With vegetables, numerous fruits were grown in gardens like the berry bushes, pear, berry bushes and many other fruit bearing plants. Non-vegetarian foods such as chickens, pigs, eggs and cow were also a part of main course meal. The people in middle ages were also fond of dairy products such as milk and cheese. Sea food was also used by the people in middles ages like seaweed, fish and shellfish.     

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What Did People Eat In The Middle Ages ?




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