Why Were Castles Built In The Middle Ages ?  

There were some fabulous castles built throughout the Europe in the Middle Ages. The strategy and technology used to build these architectures were splendid. As if now, today also these architectures are standing tall bringing pride and wealth to their respective locations.

The castles in the Middle Ages were built for protection. The main purpose behind building a castle was originally protection from foreign invaders. Most of the castles were mainly built during the wars. The castles were originally built for protection and were having simple construction. But as the attacks grew more and more strong, the need for improved protection arose and the construction of castles became sophisticated. The need for more sophisticated castles augmented more technological advancements to construct. The simple construction of castle started with a wooden structure on the top of a stack completely bordered by a ditch. On flat surfaces, a wide water ditch called as moat was constructed. At a later phase, the moat formed was divided from the real castle by a sequence of elevated walls. The space created between the castle and the moat was called as bailey. This form of castle became fashionable throughout the Europe by the 11th century.

Enhancements took place in the development of these castles and the walls of castles were constructed thicker crowned with battle parapets. On arrival of the Normans, the castles were added with dungeon or masonry keeps in the confines of bailey. These keeps were normally forty to fifty feet high in altitude with thick walls and windows of small size. Moat ditches became a substitute for the rudimentary ditches, which were usually filled with water. Water predators such as the crocodiles were kept in these moats for protection. Most of the moats nearby castles were kept dry. Drawbridges were used to cross the moats which could be opened and closed just from inside of the castle. There were also well for water, public housing and anything else required for survival.       

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Why Were Castles Built In The Middle Ages ?




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Why Were Castles Built In The Middle Ages ? )
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