Facts About The Stone Age  

The Stone Age period involved early men developing techniques and instruments for their most important need which was survival. The first substance that man made use of was stones and grass. Stones were used to light fire and grass was used to enhance the fire.

Stone was used extensively to prepare and make weapons like hand axes, awls, spears and knives. Basalt as well as sandstone was used to make weapons and tools like quern stones. The other materials like wood, shell, grass and bones were used to build homes while clay was extensively used for pottery.

The fist visuals of stone tools were seen in Ethiopia and Gona. They then progressed and moved from hunting and plucking fruits to agriculture and farming. Agriculture followed by cultivation of wide variety of crops. Later, the progress was seen in mining as these men began understanding metals like silver, copper and bronze. The Stone Age era was then followed by Bronze Age as man began to understand metals. All weapons and tools were then made with bronze. Man also began to understand iron and hence, the next stage was called Iron Age. So, basically a lot took of progress took place from Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic ages. The most common remembrance of Stone Age is Flintstones and many documentaries have been made to depict their lives.

So, it all began with moving in groups to settlements. This was no longer followed as family system came into place. Markets and barter trade was now considered invaluable. Later stages man developed technologies that were far ahead than the previous inventions. They had great understanding of social organizations, artifacts and religion. Slowly, man began to accept religion, agriculture, technology and settlements. The other innovations and developments were made in the field of health, infrastructure and economy.

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Facts About The Stone Age




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