Stone Age Achievements  

The Stone Age period was certainly the most remembered one. The name Stone Age was also derived due to a fact that major developments that took place during this era had something to do with stones. Definitely people at that era did not make achievements in the field of technology and aircraft.

People at this stage continued to progress and survive due to activities such as gathering and hunting. Now the Stone Age period can be divided into pre-Stone Age, middle Stone Age and modern Stone Age. Now each period showed developments in some or the other way. Initially, fire was invented and the invention was quite phenomenal. Even today most explorers prefer to use stones to lit fire. The same fire was then used to sharpen instruments and objects. These inventions or so called developments are still the same. Maybe the instruments might be different. Next, man tried to make instruments mainly weapons for his everyday purpose. Weapons included axes, spears, scrapers, awls, knives and hand axes mainly made of stone. These weapons were enough to protect themselves from wild animals and enemies. The other purposes of these weapons were for hunting, fishing and butchering purposes.

Today, man has weapons to fight off a million people easily. But those days these weapons were enough to scare the ferocious animals. Normally, Stone Age people go in groups and hunt for food and animals. Another invention was clothes which were basically made of animals' skin. These clothes have also made rounds of leading fashion shows too. Man at this stage knew easily to hunt and build houses. Houses were made in caves and later on the houses took form of wooden and grasses. Houses were made of wood, grasses and bones. Each had a respective use and hence even today farm sheds are still made of the old tradition. Man progressed from a timid to explorer, from a Scandinavian to Monolith, Eskimo to modern scenario.

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Stone Age Achievements




Stone Age :

Stone-Age-Art      The Stone Age era is the most important era of the pre-historic period. The main activity of the humans was to collect stones which were used to lit fire and making tools. Stones were used to sharpen weapons. The other kinds of stone, sandstone and basalt, were used for making normal tools or ground tools. More..




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