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The Stone Age era is the most important era of the pre-historic period. The main activity of the humans was to collect stones which were used to lit fire and making tools. Stones were used to sharpen weapons. The other kinds of stone, sandstone and basalt, were used for making normal tools or ground tools.

The other materials that were extensively used were bones, wood, shell, and grass. After a reasonable period, clay was also used to make pots. The Stone Age art was in the form of ancient cave carvings, music, and rock paintings. The art was nowhere connected to any kind of religion. Researchers found these artifacts and concluded that they were imitations of something seen and felt during those ages. The cave paintings were done with animal blood. Whereas, the rock paintings were done with embedded stones, shells and use of other colors.

The Stone Age and art was established somewhere 2.5 million yrs back. Stool tools were used to write on the rocks and caves. The raw materials used were taken from the environment like blood of the animals. Coming back to music, researchers found pictures of some kind of musical instruments which said that they were well aware about certain types of sound. Cave paintings and rock paintings depicted pictures of animals and humans. Animals were considered as the only source of food during the early beginning of this period. The animals that were depicted on caves and rocks were found to be large ones like rhinoceros and deer.

Another sort of artistry was when handprints were imprinted on these walls. These cave paintings go back to as early as 31000 BC. You can see one of such paintings in France which is as old as 15000 BCE. However, the strange fact is that most of the observations have only been guesses. No one has tried to understand the actual meaning of these paintings and what else they tried to depict.

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Stone Age Art




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