Stone Age For Kids  

Kids would find this information very beneficial and simple to understand. Mostly, stone age period would be very confusing for a kid who basically has just started understanding pre-historic civilization. Soto begin with, the Stone Age era took place millions of years ago. The main reason for such a name is that most instruments and equipments were made of stone.

The tools used were made of stone too. They first appeared in Africa. Their main requirement was to survive and since they did not possess some extra powers to attack dangerous animals they needed to invent something. They invented tools that were sharp enough to easily attack animals. Hence, the next level men called the Homo habilis started using tools to protect themselves and their surrounding fellow humans. They had larger brains and were too huge.

Therefore, they always were in search of food and occasionally use to set camps or small tents as they kept moving from one place to another. However, caves were also filled with animals most of the times and hence they made use of weapons to kill such animals. But their weapons were not that advanced and hence, most of them in the process got killed. The food they consumed were simple fruits and meat. Fruits were easily available and meat came through animals. As they kept moving and growing they decided to form teams and groups. Now every group had a limited number of people as there was less food too. They still had not discovered to lit fire and hence most of the food was raw. There existed campfires back then too but that was only after they saw fire at a nearby area. They thought of lighting one too. And, then began the process of rubbing two stones together. What they realized was that they had already started making use of most things around them.

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Stone Age For Kids




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