Mesolithic Artifacts  

Mesolithic is considered as a very short time period that started around 10,000 to 5,000 years ago. This was the period that was much involved with the nomadic gathering and hunting that preceded the acceptance of the domesticated animals and plants. This was actually the time when human beings had developed various new techniques regarding the stone working.

Paleolithic art was replaced by the Mesolithic art which were quite different from each other. There were several dissimilarities in terms of the styles and meaning. Mesolithic art in contrast was schematic and there were no such plastic figures that were present and the people used only the red color. This kind of art is found in the northern Mediterranean as well as North Africa.

Mesolithic Era was comparatively quite shorter and this was one reason that that the Mesolithic artifacts have not been found by people. It is amongst the most significant stages of the human evolution as it brought several changes in terms of art and culture. This age is known to make a mark as the beginning of the human expression in artistic forms. The artifacts belonging to this particular time period were mainly the rock and cave paintings. Most of the Mesolithic Artifacts represented the fauna along with daily utility things that they managed to use. Mesolithic Artifacts actually cemented way for much refined art forms that were supposed to be followed in the Stone Age. Historians are still working towards getting some more evidences and resources regarding the Mesolithic Artifacts.

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Mesolithic Artifacts




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