Neolithic Art In Europe  

The Neolithic period is referred to the period when men for the 1st time build up agriculture and established permanent villages. It is also called as the Stone Age. The Neolithic period is considered to be ended with the invention of Bronze. Pottery is considered to be the prime medium in the Neolithic art. The other significant art that existed in the Neolithic art were megalithic stone monuments and universally worshipped Mother Goddess.

Sculptures became common in the Neolithic, started with anthropomorphic sculptures, frequently decorated with animals. The art of this type can be seen in the eastern turkey region of Gobekli Tepe and Nevali Cori near Urfa which was constructed in the tenth millennium BC. Some magnificent Mesolithic statues created by Lepenski Vir in the seventh millennium BC at the iron gorge, Montenegro and Serbia can be seen that represents combination of fish and humans or only humans. Some more samples of Neolithic art can be seen in central Europe like the Vinca, Lengyel and Linearbandkeramic that produced animals and female statues.

The magnificent megalithic art is found throughout in Europe such as Poland, Spain and the British Isles. It is assumed that the Mesolithic art started from fifth millennium BC. The most prominent structures of these are the Stonehenge, which was constructed earlier than the Bronze Age. These monuments can be found in parts of Northern and Western Europe, particularly at places like Carnac in France, Portugal, Skara Brae in Orkney Islands and in Wiltshire England. A few more places like the tombs at west Kennet, Woodhenge and Avebury Circle. In New Grange Ireland, a huge stone carved tomb was found with composite curved designs. One more tomb at Knowth was made magnificently which has rock-cut ornaments that were used to design the monument. The majority of monuments were found to be megalithic tombs. Archaeologists believe that these monuments actually had religious significance in that period.  

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Neolithic Art In Europe




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