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The Paleolithic era was also known as the Stone Age era. It was nearly 200,000 years back that they started activities like hunting and collecting fruits. At this period survival was very important. The food was basically animal meat, fruits and vegetables. Food was mostly eaten raw and was considered enough.

Normally diseases existed, but these people preferred eating food sucked by insects or bacteria. There were many health malfunction and was seen many years forward too. Hence, if you go on a Paleolithic diet, you would be consuming meat, fruits and veggies. With increasing population and invention of fire man began to cook food. The choice and need increased and most of them shifted to drinking milk mainly from donkey and goats. Animals were kept as pet and taken out while they went for hunting. If you look at the food quality, there are actually proteins, fats, carbs, and nutrients involved. Hence, they survived most of the traumatic situations.

Let us look at the protein content, fishes and meat contains proteins while fruits and veggies were source of carbohydrates. Milk includes fats and this era saw men consuming red meat too. The lifestyle involved going together in groups, hunting together and sharing food. The clothes that they wore were made of animal skin which was used as a medium to protect them from cold. Slowly, there was a change in lifestyle with newer settlements and invention of fire and metal. Pottery, hunting and agriculture were primarily carried out. Men started living in colonies rather than caves and on trees. Slowly, they began building roads and manufacturing small vehicles and other modes of transport. Initial vehicles were bullock-carts and other smaller vehicles which was made of bones and wood.

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Paleolithic Lifestyle




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