Paleolithic Timeline  

The Paleolithic era is also fondly known as the Stone Age period. It existed between (2.5 million - 20000 years ago). The era was beginning of small innovations carried on within the group for survival. It began with preparing and manufacturing tools and hunting. Slowly, the attention went to developing societies and settlements.

The Paleolithic timeline can be briefly classified as Stone Age, Early Stone Age, Middle Stone Age and Neanderthals. Firstly, coming back to Stone Age period which existed some 2.5 million-20000 years back. The only invention or achievement that took place was archaeology and paleontology. Hunting, cave carving on caves were left far behind. Secondly, attention went to Early Stone Age or Lower Paleoloithic era.

This existed some 2.5 - 200,000 years back. Homo Erectus, Homo habilis, and Homo ergaster were seen in this era. Tools made of stone were considered as a great achievement. The next stage was the Middle Stone Age which evolved some 200,000 - 45,000 years back had Homo sapiens, and early Neanderthals. They mainly used tools made to perfection along with activities like hunting, stone carving, and religion. They began more specific to detailing and had some human emotions and sensitivity. They felt the need to bury men after they die and considered it a ritual behavior.

Lastly, the Upper Paleolithic age also called the Late Stone Age was 45,000 - 10,000 years back which saw the present form of humans and Neanderthals. Since 30,000 BP, the latter disappeared. Then came the presence of modern human being, who considered hunting as an old source of activity and focused on innovation, learning, pottery. They showed signs of modern behavior with less of cave activities and more of technology related.

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Paleolithic Timeline




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