Famous Viking People  

There are many who still want to know a lot about Viking and famous people who created name and fame due to their exploration. There are two main people who went way ahead in terms of capturing provinces and areas.

Firstly, King Canute who was considered so powerful that the sea waves would get scared of him. He was definitely not a religious or god-fearing person. He would carry his throne occasionally to the seashore and felt at peace. He was a great ruler and controlled enough men and areas under him. He was then adjudged the ruler of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and England. He was born to Svein Forkbeard . England was first under the rule of Saxon king and later came under King Canute after a number of arguments and battle. He emerged as the winner of Ashingdon battle and ruled these nations simultaneously under a single empire. Canute was not the only person who captured these nations. There was another Viking named Leiff Ericsson who has also such a story behind him.

He was basically the first person to capture and reach North America. He was initially thrown from Iceland and on the process of searching a new place for his family he reached an unknown land. The initial years saw him and his son only. After some good years passed he realized that he had to return to Iceland and told the residents of this new place called Greenland. Slowly he was started to know as being a honest person. He further kept travelling in search of few new places.

This eventually led him to Norway where he was welcomed by King Olav. He and his men and followers accepted the place, settled for sometime and adopted Christianity. On returning back he incorporated those values and beliefs on his fellow people. He started building a church but rarely visited it. There were many more during this period and each one will have an amazing story attached.

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Famous Viking People




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