Nordic Religions In The Viking Age  

The Vikings were known for exceptional travelling skills and were technologically far superior compared to the rest. The most common image that you would recollect is of a person in a long boat which looked like a dragon. The best part about Vikings was that they were technologically far sound than the rest. The early explorers were usually in love with technology and religion. These were the two things that were highly considered back then.

The ancient Vikings embraced Christianity and were good traders who totally believed in customs and technology. There were signs of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Mediterranean traditions too. These were some of the beliefs that were carried on with the other beliefs including Christianity. Churches were built and people started getting baptized. It was the early thirteenth century that saw both Nordic and Christianity forming base. The Nordic religions were a part of the Roman Empire as people started adopting newer religions. These ancient beliefs and traditions form the basis for Christianity.

The next era saw Vikings decentralizing themselves from others on the basis of religion and belief. They started interacting and mixing with their new neighbors all of whom were closely linked in terms of society and economy. By 800 C.E most Vikings were already a part of the Christian age and as years passed on Christianity was accepted as a separate religion altogether that covered the entire Northern Europe. The 13th century also saw the Vikings understanding culture and religion simultaneously. Most people from the Viking age had broad mindsets and understood religious beliefs and ideas relating to Health, Death, Spiritual talks and conversations. Hence, the Vikings are known as people who accepted and thought a lot about religion and its acceptance.

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Nordic Religions In The Viking Age




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