Viking Age Arms And Armour  

The basic understanding of Arms and Armours began in the 13th century. Normally Norse men and Vikings had to have a separate set of instruments and weapons. Do not forget that the Vikings were technologically far advanced than the rest and preferred weapons like shield, helmet, animal-skin coat and chainmail shirt. The Vikings had to maintain some status and hence, more weapons meant being wealthier.

Similarly, a less wealthy person carried less number of weapons. The basic arms were a shield and a spear. There were others who preferred a knife and axe or a bow. The knife was used in the early Dark Ages, while the wealthiest of them had a sword and also a body armor sometimes.

Bows were of course used in battlefields. The bows were also made with the help of ash, elm trees and yew. Whereas, the arrowheads were made of iron and included many other sizes and shapes. Certain arrowheads were made primarily of antler and wood. Sometimes, eagle flights were used as arrows with broad nocks. Secondly, spear was again famous with the Vikings. They were basically three pointed heads on some wooden shafts which were three meters long. Certain spearheads were used extensively for cutting. It was normally thrown on enemies and sometimes the trick lied in how well you balance it off on your hands. Thirdly, Shield was always considered as a protective weapon and had a huge diameter. They were mostly made of leather or aluminum. Knife was also used to attack instant facing enemies. The Scandinavians usually preferred knives. Swords were also the main arm of Vikings. The blades were sharp and were 80 cm in length. Other weapons like axe, atgeir, helmet and mail were also used by Vikings.

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Viking Age Arms And Armour




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