Viking Religion  

Although Vikings were great explorers they immensely believed in religion and God. The early Vikings, namely Scandinavians, usually followed the polytheistic religion. They simply believed that there were many Gods. The early Greek and Roman empires to faced the same thing.

With Vikings setting in the 10th century, major change took place with respect to traditions and beliefs. They decided to adopt Christianity and since, the process of Christianization took place rapidly. However, old habits die hard. They still believed in Greek Gods and felt as if they were living in Asgard. They felt that it was their right to take care of Gods and animals failing which they would have to do with evil forces. Hence, for this purpose, they began sacrificing animals in the name of religion. Such kind of activities was known as Blot.

Second was Sweds, which meant starvation. The animals were definitely sacrificed on Horg which means pilled stones to get the right action. The process began with praying to the Gods and passing the blood bowl and sprinkling few drops on people who use to attend the ceremonies. They preferred open surroundings than to close door system. They prayed together and sometimes considered places like hillocks, rocks, meadows and groves to worship God. There was no restriction whatsoever with any kind of choice. However, weapons were strictly not allowed and had to be kept outside the sacred place. Sometimes they made Hov which was also known as buildings that had statues and idols of Gods and Goddesses. Also religion and law came in direct contact with people.

Later on, they adopted Christianity by 1000 A.D. They knew about the existence long back, but after traveling to places they understood the true nature of Christianity. During this period Olav Tryggvsason was considered very powerful and great.

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Viking Religion




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