What Does Viking Mean ?  

The Vikings existed during the late 12th and early 13th centuries. It is also derived from the word Vikingr which means explorer. He is basically a person who is known for carrying trade and other activities by exploring places after places. They can also be regarded as pirates or Scandinavian or warriors. They travelled mostly on water from one place to another.

The islands covered by most Vikings were in the period (8th - 11th centuries). They were considered to be technically sound men who believed in wealth and God. They were also scared of evil spirits and would constantly try to please God by doing something or the other. Such men would use ships to explore places like Constantinople and Russia, Greenland, Iceland and Newfoundland. These men have been an integral part of medieval history and have carried forward other exciting activities. The Viking kings were considered quite romantic and they were warriors too. They believed in power and wealth. They always preferred to carry basic weapons such as knife, axe, spear, hand axe and shields.

The word Viking seems to be a mix of Latin and German. There have many documentaries and movies made on Vikings and each shows their lifestyle and their characterization. Modern era terms these people as pirates who were in search of wealth and gold. Violence was their prime motto. However, the Vikings were strong believer of Gods. They believed that Gods existed and by sacrificing animals they could make them happy. This was the only way of protecting themselves from the evil spirit. Sometimes towards the eighteenth century, the word Viking was also related and associated with the barbarian fighters. Scandinavians were also considered, but again the whole focus shifted from the word to formation of ideas and phenomena. Presently, we relate it to the Viking age.

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What Does Viking Mean ?




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