Development Of Art From The Prehistoric Period  

The prehistoric period of art encompasses the birth of predominantly painting and sculpture making. Anthropologists are more inspired by this era as compared to historians interested in researching about art. This period has started before printmaking and writing.

The most complicated sculptures and paintings made with lot of pigments which have stood testing times of nature for thousands of years still remain for research.

The prehistoric art period came into existence around 38,000 BC after the dispersion of people from various countries situated in Europe, Australasia, Africa, Asia and Americas. This era represented beliefs through visuals. The images also revealed spirituality as well as the social systems through engravings, sculptures and paintings.

The prehistoric art period exhibited complex art forms. The main colors used during this time were red, yellow, black, white and brown. Some of the art forms depict archaic symbols while others describe humans and animals. Hunter-foragers decorated their shelters made of caves and rocks through the sculptures and paintings.

As the people shifted and settled in villages for farming purposes and defined territories, landscapes and maps were created. Human figures and domesticated animals also became a part of the art forms. Decorative pottery works emerged in the successive generations.

Most of these art works were created by hunter-foragers. The other contributors to this art form were stock raisers, herders and also individuals from a more organized set up like livestock breeders and farmers. The cave art forms represented five main motifs, local maps, symbols, human figures, tools and weapons as well as animals.

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Development Of Art From The Prehistoric Period




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