How Prehistoric Art Has Affected Ancient Culture ?  

Prehistoric art period can be considered as the artistic development of mankind. Historical anthropologists find it very interesting to understand the origin and behavior of mankind. Apart from the fossil and bone remains, it helps to understand the lifestyle of those times with the tools, artwork and architectural remains which has stood through testing times of nature for thousands of years.

The visual images created by prehistoric people reflect their beliefs and the world in which they lived in. When people dispersed from Africa, Asia, Americas, Australasia and Europe, it marked the emergence of the prehistoric art period. Engravings, pottery works, sculptures and paintings of this era reflect a constant quest for beauty. It also represents the spiritual concepts that people followed along with the social systems that existed.

Hunting and foraging were the source of food for this people. Amateurs of those times created various art forms to represent realism blend with abstraction in order to make the art portable and interesting. One of the most famous art remains of this period are the Lascaux Cave paintings. Brushes were made with animal fur.

The artists used five main colors in their engravings and sculptures. They were white, yellow, black, brown and red. The artworks were complex and intellectual. The cave art works of the social groups consisted primarily of 5 motifs: local maps, ideograms or symbols, human figures, tool as well as weapons and animals. They were used in portable art works which were clay modeled, sculpted or engraved. Art remains are also found in rock paintings as well as engravings.

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How Prehistoric Art Has Affected Ancient Culture




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How Prehistoric Art Has Affected Ancient Culture ? )
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