Ice Age Cave Paintings Altamira Spain  

The Altamira paintings found in Northern Spain is presumed to be about 11,000-19,000 years old. It is supposed to have been painted by Magdalenian people between 16,000 and 9,000 BC. These paintings were first discovered by a Spanish archeologist named Don Marcelino.

The Altamira collection is considered to be unique and special for a variety of reasons. These paintings have been drawn in the deep recesses of the caves found in the mountains situated in Northern Spain. They are far from the destructive clutches of both water and wind and hence, these paintings have withstood the testing times of nature and have not undergone much change.

Apart from the wall illustrations which indicate signs of human habitation, hearths, tools and food remains which remained preserved for thousands of years have been found. This cave site also exhibits domestic life signs which extend into the cavern that contains the actual art works. Since the ceilings and walls of this cave lacks soot deposits that are generally found in other caves, it is assumed that the people here had slightly different or advanced lighting strategies which let out less smoke.

Many of the paintings focus on the bison. The reason inferred from this observation is that the source of food for people during those times was hunting. The bison also was a source of other commodities like fur, bones and skin which were used for different purposes. The walls also portray deer and wild boar. However, the paintings do not depict much of landscape.

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Ice Age Cave Paintings Altamira Spain




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Ice Age Cave Paintings Altamira Spain )
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