Who Found The Lascaux Cave Paintings ?  

Lascaux is a complex setting of caves that are found in southwestern France. The famous Paleolithic cave paintings are found here. The original caves are found near a village named Montignac situated in the Dordogne department.

The Lascaux cave paintings house some of the most popular Upper Paleolithic art forms. This priceless collection dates back to about 16,000 years. The images comprise of large animals, the evidence of which are found in the fossil remains.

The Lascaux cave paintings were added to the list of World Heritage Sites created by UNESCO. The paintings were found in the year 1940 on September 12 by 4 teenagers named Simon Coencas, Marcel Ravidat, Georges Agnel and Jacques Marsal. After World War II, the access to these paintings was made easier for public visits.

The popularity of these paintings attracted a lot of visitors. With a record of about 1,200 visitors a day, the paintings were damaged due to the high amount of carbon dioxide produced. In order to preserve the art, this heritage site was closed in the year 1963 and public visits were not entertained. Later, the paintings were restored and reopened but the quality of the paintings was monitored on a regular basis.

The Great Hall of the Bulls, the Chamber of Engravings, the Lateral Passage, the Painted Gallery, the Chamber of Felines and the Shaft of the Dead Man are some of the rooms found in this tourist spot.

Since preserving the art has again become a challenge due to the varying climatic conditions, only a few experts are allowed to work inside for about a few days every month.

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Who Found The Lascaux Cave Paintings




Why-Were-The-Lascaux-Cave-Paintings-Made      Lascaux is a cave complex which is popular for the marvelous Paleolithic cave paintings. They are found in southwestern France in the village named Montignac, situated in the Dordogne département. The painting collection is as old as 16,000 years. More..




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Who Found The Lascaux Cave Paintings ? )
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