Why Were The Lascaux Cave Paintings Made ?  

Lascaux is a cave complex which is popular for the marvelous Paleolithic cave paintings. They are found in southwestern France in the village named Montignac, situated in the Dordogne département. The painting collection is as old as 16,000 years.

Lascaux cave paintings occupy a prominent position in the list of World Heritage sites created by UNESCO. They were found by 4 enthusiastic teenagers Marcel Ravidat, Simon Coencas, Jacques Marsal and Georges Agnel.

A total of about 2000 figures fill the caves ranging from abstract signs, human figures as well as animals. However, any depiction of vegetation or landscape of those times has not been found. Stone incisions and paintings with mineral pigments are predominantly found, some of which have been faded or damaged while others exhibit signs of deterioration.

About 600 animals have been precisely identified whereas a total of 900 animal figures are found in the cave. Geometric symbols are also notable among the art works. Equines, stags, bison, cattle, bird, rhinoceros, bear, felines, black bulls are found among the animal figures. However, reindeer which was the source of food have not been depicted.

A lot of research has been done on the significance of these paintings. Some experts feel that the paintings depict star charts of the prehistoric times. Others feel that since some figures have used dots and clusters, they may imply stars or constellations. Some scientists assume that the figures may depict spirituality. Another hypothesis is that the animal representations have marked the beginning of the art of drawing images.

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Why Were The Lascaux Cave Paintings Made




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Why Were The Lascaux Cave Paintings Made ? )
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