Artifacts Found From The Titanic  

Titanic is perhaps the most popular and well-known passenger ship in the world. The ship set off for its first trip from England to New York in the year 1912. Four days after it began to sail, it was struck by an iceberg and finally sank after much of a struggle towards survival. This was one of the deadliest events of its time that killed almost 1,517 lives and it is still in memories of people as a disaster.

Though the ship was designed by some of the most experienced engineers and used the best technologies, it could not survive. In spite of the various extensive preventive measures and safety features, the ship sank and just left some of its artifacts that are still very valuable to people as well as the state. People are very curious to know every tiny bit of information about Titanic even today especially about the artifacts that were found from the Titanic.

As far as these artifacts are concerned, there were several different things that were recovered after this event which included stuff like jewelry, pairs of shoes, reading glasses, and various other artifacts. All these things were either found in or around the Titanic wreck. Some of the interesting artifacts recovered during the incident include a collection of perfumes from Adolphe Saalfeld, one of the perfume makers from England who managed to survive.

There was a deck chair that was auctioned later for $77,000. Some other artifacts included ticket stubs, stemware, currency, plagues used as signage, letters from the passengers, soap bars, menus, liquor bottles, smoking tins, wine bottles, passenger lists, and cooking as well as dining items.

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Artifacts Found From The Titanic




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