Makah Artifacts  

Makah Indians are known to be predominantly a fishing society which became clear and obvious from the Makah artifacts that were oriented towards the sea and the land around. Most of these artifacts were actually bordered with the carvings of whale or fish whereas a few of them were made from the whalebone. There were also some artifacts that were made from various kinds of wood as well as fiber.

Though it has been clear from several things and people too believe that Makahs used to feel great pride in presenting their own relationships with the ocean but this was not the only way of subsistence. This is something that has been depicted from the Makah artifacts recovered till date. There are several of them for instance the canoe that were made out of the wood and suggests that forest that they lived in or may be around were highly depended upon. They cannot be considered limited to just the natural resources of the lakes, rivers, tideland, and finally the ocean areas.

Though water provided them with one of the main resources as far as food and transportation was concerned, Makah forests too provided many different kinds of wood for the cavers, several species of the land animals for the hunters as well as a great variety of plants that could be used for purposes such as medicine, food, or raw materials. Larger part of the artifacts that have been recovered were basically from the early 19th century that suggests that Makahs had existed and lived well even beyond that era.

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Makah Artifacts




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