Scandinavian Artifacts  

Scandinavia is one region in North Europe that is made of Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. It has been observed that the Scandinavian archaeology has a huge collection of Scandinavian artifacts which are mostly from Denmark. One of the areas of Denmark known as Jütland is basically the origin of most of the artifacts found.

Scandinavian artifacts include the stone tools as well as the bronze items that belong to the prehistoric periods. It also includes the replicas of the Viking Age rune stones that are mostly associated with earliest Medieval Period of Scandinavia. The stone tools collection mainly holds flint axes and tools, with a few made from granite. There are about 25 such pieces, most of which are originated from Denmark.

On the other hand, the metal collection consists of the eight bronze items which primarily have personal objects, all of which again have been originated from Denmark itself. The collection of the rune stone replica was actually donated to a museum in the year 1901. These are known for representing fairly well-known rune stones from throughout Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. These are ten in numbers and are basically smaller dimensional displays of their originals. This collection also includes famous Jelling rune stones, again from Denmark.

There are several donors who have donated the Scandinavian artifacts and the list includes Adolf Meinecke, Meinecke Toy Company, David B. Kienzli, Paul Scholz, and Mr. and Mrs. Neil Mikkelson. They have donated several valuable artifacts to museums which have been preserved very carefully.

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Scandinavian Artifacts




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