Facts About Big Ben  

Big Ben is a well renowned chiming clock found at the Houses of Parliament at London or at the Palace of Westminster. It is among the most popular landmarks that represents the Victorian style in the best manner throughout London. Some people even believe that this clock tower itself represents London.

Though people are aware of several aspects of this clock, still there are various unexplored facts that might attract their attention and help them get closer to this wonder. Given below are some of the interesting facts about Big Ben:

  • This was the very first clock tower that was established at this place.
  • It was built in the year 1288 and thus carries a long history along with it.
  • This tower got destroyed in the year 1834 when a devastating fire is known to break out at the old Palace.
  • Then it was redesigned by an architect called Charles Barry. The building holding this tower was finally built in the year 1856.
  • Its lower part is actually made up of stones and bricks while the upper part is known to be made of cast iron.
  • It is believed that it got its present name from Sir Benjamin Hall who is known as the Commissioners of works.
  • This clock tower chimed in the year 1859 for the first time.
  • It is the largest chiming bell throughout the world. The height of the tower holding it is approximately 316 feet.
  • It took nearly 13 years for building this huge clock tower.

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Facts About Big Ben




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How-Tall-Is-Big-Ben      Big Ben which is probably the most popular clock throughout the United Kingdom and amongst the best known landmarks within London is known for its height. It is the tallest chiming bell in the whole world. The clock tower that holds Big Ben is basically 316 feet high and was build after thirteen long years. It seems to be slightly leaned towards the northwest direction while its inner volume is around 4,650 cubic meters. More..




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