How Tall Is Big Ben ?  

Big Ben which is probably the most popular clock throughout the United Kingdom and amongst the best known landmarks within London is known for its height. It is the tallest chiming bell in the whole world. The clock tower that holds Big Ben is basically 316 feet high and was build after thirteen long years. It seems to be slightly leaned towards the northwest direction while its inner volume is around 4,650 cubic meters.

Big Ben has a diameter of about eight feet and its weight is around 13.5 tons, which is equivalent to any small elephant. This giant structure that Big Ben actually holds was created at White Chapel Bell Foundry by George Mears which seems to be casted on the 10th April, in the year 1858. Its grandeur can be realized by the fact that it took almost two weeks for cooling down.

Four of its faces are around 55 meters high from the surface and each dial has a diameter of around 23 feet. People define it in their own ways but in spite of this fact, what holds importance is its massive structure which keep people spell bounded. This 316 feet high tower has four faces each of which is twenty-three square foot high, whereas each figure is four feet tall. It is worth mentioning here that the Great Bell itself is known to be more than 7 feet tall and it weights around 13 tons. Though people have different speculations about its origin, it holds a long history that is worth exploring.

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How Tall Is Big Ben ?




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