When Was Big Ben Built ?  

Big Ben is a nickname given to the Great Bell of clock found at the Palace of Westminster situated in London. Some people even refer to it as the clock tower. Whereas there are people believing that the extension is not basically correct but its usage too has become entirely common among people.

Big Ben being the largest four faced clock as well as the third tallest clock tower in the whole world as far as the free standing clocks go has always been very popular among people. It is known for celebrating its hundred and fiftieth anniversary in the year 2009 in the month of May which shows that it carries a long history with it. The clock was ticked in the year 1859 on May 31st for the very first time.

The tower that people explore at present was actually raised as one of the parts of several designs of Charles Barry for an entirely new palace after that of Westminster got destroyed by a fire in the year 1834. Though Charles was the prime architect of the new palace, he looked up to other people like Augustus Pugin for designing the clock tower which was a resemblance of the Pugin designs used earlier including the one used for the Scarisbrick Hall. Since then, this clock tower has maintained its position as one of the most popular and the most explored tourist attractions throughout the world. People from various parts of the world come and visit this historical piece of art.

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When Was Big Ben Built ?




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Where-Is-Big-Ben-Located      Big Ben which is one of the most popular landmarks of London is a 316 feet high clock tower that was built in the year 1858. As mentioned earlier, the famous clock is located in London and the name refers to the hour bell of the clock which is largest among all the five bells of this clock. More..




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