Where Is Big Ben Located ?  

Big Ben which is one of the most popular landmarks of London is a 316 feet high clock tower that was built in the year 1858. As mentioned earlier, the famous clock is located in London and the name refers to the hour bell of the clock which is largest among all the five bells of this clock.

There are basically two bells that have been cast as the hour bell of this clock tower. In the first place, a sixteen-ton weighing bell is known to be cast by John Warner & Sons in the year 1856. Due to the fact that the clock tower had not been completed since that time, the bell was actually hung on temporary basis within the Palace Yard. The bell cracked soon and this is the reason that it was recast in the year 1858 as a 13.5 ton bell.

Then the bell was named after the Benjamin Hall, though there are resources that claim that it was named after Benjamin Caunt, who was a heavy weight boxing master from Britain.
The Big Ben was the largest clock in the entire world and is still the largest as far as Great Britain is concerned. This clock is famous for its reliability and has rarely ever failed throughout its life span which is quite long. The mechanism used by the clock is also remarkably accurate and the rate is adjusted just by adding small pennies on shoulders of the pendulum. Tough the clock tower is not accessible publicly but still there are millions of people coming to visit this tourist attraction.

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Where Is Big Ben Located ?




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Facts-About-Big-Ben      Big Ben is a well renowned chiming clock found at the Houses of Parliament at London or at the Palace of Westminster. It is among the most popular landmarks that represents the Victorian style in the best manner throughout London. Some people even believe that this clock tower itself represents London. More..




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