Blarney Stone Legend  

It is believed by people from various parts that the synonym of ‘blarney’ with ‘beguiling talk’ or ‘empty flattery’ seem to derive fro two basic sources. One of the stories includes the goddess Clíodhna and Cormac Laidir MacCarthy, while the other suggests the involvement of Queen Elizabeth I. It is claimed that in the latter case, an oath of loyalty was requested for retaining the occupancy of land, and Lord of Blarney was one to respond to this request.

It was proclaimed by Queen Elizabeth that McCarthy had given her a lot of blarney which apparently gave rise to this legend. As per the tradition followed at the Texas Tech University, stone fragment which was on display since the year 1939 outside of the old Electrical Engineering Building was believed as a missing piece of this Blarney Stone. The entire details about the fact how this all was determined is still not known to people.

There are several traditions associated with this legend, one out of which involves goddess Clíodhna under which MacCarthy who is known as the builder of this legend appealed to the goddess for her divine help after being involved with some lawsuit. She asked Mac Carthy to go and kiss the every first stone found by him that morning while on his way to the court. He did so and most amazingly he had won the case. Since then, such a tradition holds great importance and people still follow this practice associated with the Blarney Stone. It is believed to be a great help to people.

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Blarney Stone Legend




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History-Of-The-Blarney-Stone      As the name suggests, Blarney stone is actually surrounded by very tall myths and tales all together. When it comes to describing its history or its origin, then people do not miss any chance of exploring their knowledge about this legend present even today. Some of these stories steep inside its history as well as the geology of the ages gone long back whereas there are a few that sound like pure Blarney. More..




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